Barack Obama doesn't give a damn about Haiti or Haitians, get your head out of the sands

Rza - June 9 2018, 5:05 PM


Obama is a puppet...

How's hope working for black folks in America especially so called African-Americans descendants of slaves.

Going to Haiti for what reason and purpose.

America, France and Canada has their foot in the back of Haiti and the people of Haiti for over 200 years...

What these countries done for Haiti to help Haiti move forward.

After Haiti liberation from France they had to pay 21.555 trillions dollars to France, The United States isolates Haiti from the rest of the world..

The USA never acknowledged Haiti independence until 1915 when the US army occupied Haiti for 20 years.

Obama doesn't give a damn about Haiti or Haitians.

Your need to get your head out of the sands.

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