This is a generality. There are many NGO's, particularly in...

Eunice Tassone - December 19 2017, 4:33 PM

This is a generality.

There are many NGO's, particularly in the mountains, who have been working for many years trying to control the erosion problems that have existed since the Haitians started living in the mountains after the revolution.

The people continue to cut down trees because selling charcoal keeps food on the table.

They need a lot education regarding the environment.

Our organization has been working for over 30 years in the same nine villages in the Cabaret Region.

We have been giving mango trees to each child in our villages to plant for their futures.

Mango trees grow deep roots and control soil erosion.

Our greatest challenges are filling in sinkholes and planting trees over them thus creating an oasis.

However, we are a small organization committed to long term sustainable development.

We have planted thousands indigenous trees.

It's taken a long time to convince our villagers not to cut down the trees we plant so they have something for their future.

We are just beginning to see results.

I'm sure there are NGO's abusing the system.

Most NGO's in Haiti are in the cities there are very few organizations working in the mountains because they would have to build an infrastructure to survive.

Education has to be a priority in order to accomplish the goals that Haiti wants for their people.

It took us 34 years to build village schools so that each village could give their children an opportunity to attend school.

It would help if the government could provide some financial support so that every child could go but that has not happened.

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