Haiti needs more than just banann. Haiti needs cheese, ham...

Guy Brown - September 29 2016, 2:21 PM

Haiti needs more than just banann.

Haiti needs cheese, ham, butter, mayonnaise, condensed, evaporated milk, pasteurized milk, ice cream, cake, all types of desserts, flour, etc. This is the sandwich generation.

Every house needs a refrigerator, a radio, a television set, a computer, an air conditioner in Haiti.

This is a microwave time. Haiti needs a better attitude in the culinary arts, the laundromats.

Haiti needs motor boats, buses on the roads.

Bannan field is not a priority requirement for Jovenel to be President of Haiti right now. Haiti needs more. Haiti deserves Maryse Narcisse for President.

Haiti deserves the best. Haitian people get out and vote for Maryse Narcisse for President of Haiti in October 2016.

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We have no choice! We have to accept Jovenel Moise...

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