What Exactly happened in Haiti 29-30 September 1991?

Did you know? 29 September 1991 Roger Lafontant was assassinated at Penitencier Nationale, Sylvio Claude was assassinated in Les Cayes, and General Raoul Cedras gave then President Jean Bertrand Aristide a Coup d'Etat...

Strange... Huh... The night that Jean Bertrand Aristide was overthrown, the man who attempted a coup d'etat against him earlier was assassinated in prison...

Imprisoned in the National Penitentiary in Port-au-Prince, it is considered a felony against the safety of the state and sentenced to life. On the night of September 29 to 30, 1991, evening the military coup that overthrew President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Lafontant was murdered in his cell in unclear circumstances.

Sylvio Claude, who was murdered on the same day, on the evening of September 29, 1991 in Les Cayes in the early hours of the military coup...

How well do you know Haitian politics?

How are these events connected?

I need some Historians here to share some good information with me please...

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Yaya Samedi says...

Oh Yes, Nou pral nan cinema.

Cinema nan tout ville en

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Guy Brown says...

Haiti is going forward with filmmaking, photography, movies theathers, security cameras everywhere, fashion, journalist photography television in every classroom.

Who needs a President for just banann?

Haiti needs a movie theather, a photo studio, a newspaper stand in every town> Let us get involved in filmmaking, photography because photography is everywhere in education, sciences, in history, in astronomy, in architecture, in fashion, in cosmetology, etc. Danny clover and all actors are welcome to Haiti anytime in every

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Guy Brown says...

Haiti needs more than just banann.

Haiti needs cheese, ham, butter, mayonnaise, condensed, evaporated milk, pasteurized milk, ice cream, cake, all types of desserts, flour, etc. This is the sandwich generation.

Every house needs a refrigerator, a radio, a television set, a computer, an air conditioner in Haiti.

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Patrick Princivil says...

We have no choice!

We have to accept Jovenel Moise (neg bannan nan) for president of Haiti October 9, 2016;, because only him has a banana's farm, the 53 political' s party are nothing.

But If PHTK marriage gay and lesbian in that country God in heaven will have to wipe out all of

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Patrick Princivil says...

Nan pyé tra fout vay

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