It is about time someone take a stand. I speak with my...

Concern - March 25 2016, 9:38 PM

It is about time someone take a stand.

I speak with my fiancée every day who lives in Haiti and the concern they have about the country not going in the right direction any more.
It is sad to hear every day an Officer get shoot or the people are being kill. People are so afraid of leaving there home because of no order in that country.Then they say they are opening up tourism for what?

So people could lose there life. Come on. The Country need a very strong and firm leader.

After travelling there a few times and had the privilege to be a part of the PHTK ordnance as they were campaigning last year, and was able to here what the group plans were to make a difference for the people to bring about a change.

For the betterment of the People and the Country.

This great man Jovenel Moise would make a excellent leader; if given the opportunity to become President of Haiti.

Firm, Fear and friendly.

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