Jude claim is different than what the G8 asks. He asks for a...

Jean - December 3 2015, 8:42 PM

Jude claim is different than what the G8 asks. He asks for a new date and a de-facto government to organize the elections.Thus, the G8 asks to completely cancel the elections of October 25th and start over. There is a different philosophy here.Mwen santi Jude antre nan bizango san li pa konnen.Politically, he is not very smart.

He would easily win the elections of December 27 if he could convince the G8 (Moise JC) with a good plan.Unfortunately, he never had a plan. As I said before, Jude will never be the president of Haiti; he is not very intelligent and he misses that opportunity.

I am pretty much sure Moise JC has a plan and Jude is not part of it.Moreover, the G8 is very fragile and can be melted at any time. No matter how the next election will be, the G8 will not survive because each entity has a different agenda." The haitian people will continue to suffer"." I love you Haiti.

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