And I believe Jovenel Moise won in the first round, so what...

Cheria - November 9 2015, 4:30 PM

and I believe Jovenel Moise won in the first round, so what gives! If Jude Celestin won and he has proof, why didn't he contest it?

You know why?

Because he lost!!

You guys hate Martelly and even if each person who cast the vote for Jovenel is shot in the right arm and they do a count of every supporter shot and come up with 50+1 votes, you will still say Jude Celestin or the dog across the street won. Impossible you people are. Don't you get it?

Haitians like superstars.

The little people still love a very popular Micky, and to make matters worse for your guy Jude Celestin, he didn't run a modern campaign with progressive ideas.

He ran the typical smear campaign and entitlement to power campaign.

He lost in 2010 and feel like he should be crowed this year. That is not democracy.

Martelly was busy procuring a dynamite candidate, someone the little people can identify with and rally behind.

You all got caught by surprise yet again.

Come to think of it, you all need to enroll in Martelly's School of Politics-ban embecil!

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I believed Jude Celestin won the election on the...

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