atAka You claim that Haitians liberated the world, and yet you...

Ricart - March 3 2015, 6:56 PM


You claim that Haitians liberated the world, and yet you cannot liberate yourself from abject poverty.

And once gain, boasting about being the "first black free nations on earth" won't put food on Haitian's table or a roof over their head.

In the area of earning respect from each other, we Dominicans have an edge. We already sent 50 elite soldiers to protect our embassy, but we should have sent 100. While we are at it, DR should send a couple of Super Tucanos to do a flyover over the Dominican embassy in Haiti, as a show of force.

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We the Haitians people are world liberators we are...

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According to Haitian history, Haitians never bow-down...

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