894 Haitians arrested in the last 72 hours Source...

Ricart - March 3 2015, 6:28 PM

894 Haitians arrested in the last 72 hours

Source: listindiario.com/la-republica/2015/3/2...

Members of CESFRONT (Special Body on Land Border Security) and Dominican soldiers apprehended a total of 894 Haitians in the last 72 hours, who were caught crossing the border clandestinely.

The Cesfront and Dominican Army said the foreigners, among them are men, women and teenagers, were arrested in areas near the Dominican-Haitian border, when they were walking in the mountains.

Yesterday members of Cesfront arrested and handed over another 17 illegals to migration, so that the figure of 894 is completed.

Trucks, vans and other vehicles were used in the operations.

Many of the foreigners were carrying packages containing clothing, water and food.

Many of the immigrants were arrested while walking in the mountains and others while trying to cross the border.

Most of the arrests were made in the Puerta de Hierro, La Bomba, Los Arroyos, La Fe, Aviation, Corral Grande, Palo Blanco and Candelón sectors, including rural and urban areas of the city.

The operations is headed by the chief of Cesfront, Carlos Aguirre, assisted by the head of the agency in Dajabón, Major Santiago Gómez, and the person in charge of migration in the North, Caonabo Delgadillo.

Some of the detainees said they have relatives in the Dominican Republic, and that they entered the country to try to get them to regularize their documents, seizing the opportunities being offered by the Dominican Government.

Immigrants explained that they paid the poteas, as traffickers are known in Haiti, between three and four thousand dollars to be transferred on motorcycles through the mountains to Santiago, Mao, La Vega, Puerto Plata, Moca and other areas of Cibao.

After being arrested, the migrants were released and handed over to Immigration, who proceeded to repatriate them.

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