Haiti senators have no understanding what real leadership is all about

Dupoux Sou Facebook - December 30 2014, 11:16 AM

One thing I do understand is that the president of Haiti has done everything in his power and trying to bring unity within the government but you have so-called leaders from the senate that do not want any progress to be accomplished in that island, it is because these so-called senators have no understanding what real leadership is all about or have any understanding of democracy, they have not done anything prior to this new government to take the country forward it is because they do not know how to take a country forward, these people have deceive the Haitian community.

The president of Haiti should not of extended January 12 because he has given them everything they ask even the prime minister had to step down and he allowed it just to bring peace in the island of Haiti.

So the Senators still decided not to keep the promise they made to the president, the president should not extend the January 12 because the Senators have deceive the Haitian people enough they should step down and allow progress to continue.

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