I hope the president will not cave to those agitator who has...

John Dupoux - December 12 2014, 4:52 PM

i hope the president will not cave to those agitator who has nothing better to do but get in the way of progress.

From the time of Duvalier to Preval no one dare to really try to come against the government because they will disappear.

So now the president and the prime minister had given the country and the people a chance to speak out, that is what democracy should look like, and some have decided to ouster the prime minister who is doing an excellent job than any other prime minister in the last 60 years.

I believe the haitian people need to be very careful that they don't bring back the country to were it was before.

If u remove lamort that would be a devastating blow to the progress of president Michael mately.

The leaders who are not involved in the government with the help of the people should remove the cancer which is the senate.

What mately need to do is to apply a curfew for next couple of days to cool of the opposition and to expose the one behind the problems.

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