It is important not to judge the book by it s cover. While the...

Bruno - March 11 2014, 12:28 PM

It is important not to judge the book by it`s cover.

While the Duvalier were dictators and a lot of things happened during their reins, Nicholas is living in a different period of time. This is a different Haiti, a democratic country where the people will always have the final word when it comes to abuse from governments.

We are not to make him pay for what his parents did, Haiti is in need of advancement and anyone that can drive the country to fertility should be welcome.

As far as I am concern, there as not been any so called president after the Duvalier Era who really focused on Haiti`s real problems.

Well, I would say that any Haitian citizen with a good intention, selflessness, capable of resolved Haiti`s long overdue problems is welcome to make his voice heard.

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I agree with you 500% there. Mr. N. Duvalier has the...

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