Haitians in Haiti and abroad have to commit themselves to improve Haiti

Mga - December 31 2013, 1:31 AM

I for one totally agree with your comments, the people have to commit themselves to improve Haiti (Haitians in Haiti and abroad), but first the people need to be educated about politics or they will be duped again.

My wife and I have been in Haiti providing help for children and teens unable to go or continue their education, well as medical assistance to some from our own pockets while we watched countless politicians embezzle and steal national funds, diaspora's taking advantage of the weak and a totally corrupt Customs who regularly cheats everyone, EDH who cannot provide electricity, power is diverted to other locations for friends parties, cover for crime and generator fuel been sold for personal gain, water is routinely cut off during holidays, hotel owners are force to purchase water for the upkeep of their hotels.

Haiti is not ready for business or tourism, it is costly to open/operate a business and it would cost a foreigner 10 times more then his/her Haitian counterpart with no property protection or guarantee, PNH is great with some sores here and there but the judges are scrupulous which makes things bad for tourist and investors, the tourist will be robbed, threaten in most part of the country, water is not safe not even bottled water, they are normally kept in the sun, sanitation is extremely poor even in the finest hotel/restaurant, hotels are expensive and standards are poor compare to the rest of the Caribbean/Mexico but that is because of customs and EDH(proper equipment and supplies are expensive going through customs), lack of power means the owners have to purchase fuel for the generators, not to mention that any company would have to consider doing the same, finally there is no customer service.

I love the country but it is not standing still it is going backwards.

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Ok guys! enough with all of the wishful thining...

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