Oprah is not going to bring any change or hope to Haiti

Tiba - December 21 2011, 3:14 PM

Ok guys! enough with all of the wishful thining.

Oprah is not going to bring any change or hope to Haiti.

I have been out there long enough to witness kings and queens, all types and brands of megga celebrities from the 4 corners of the globe flocked Haiti constantly.

They came and and gone, in fact, Haiti got worse everytime, nothing never changed.

If it wasn't for Shan Penn's project, would she ever put foot in Haiti?

I doudt it!

It is time that we, freaken lazy, incompetent and mediocre Haitians stop relying on celebrities coming to Haiti as if they're coming with a sylver bullet to change Haiti for us just with their presence.

Haven't you people noticed when these people come to Haiti they always dressed down so they won't ruin their beautiful clothes.

Doesn't that tell you all something?

Haiti is opened for business, really?



A country without a full functioning airport.

An international airport that looks like a garbage dump with a bunch og beggars waiting outside to jump on you asking for money.

Nowhere in Haiti with electricity 24/7, no drinking water, no telecommunication system, no roads, streets filled with garbage, etc. etc...the list goes on and on.

Stop dreaming people! I just got back from a 2-week vacation in Haiti last month and I saw the current state of my once to be the beautiful country in the caribbean.

I still go to Haiti as often as I can afford it because I love the damn country too much, but it's heart breaking to see it today.

Oprah, Shan Penn, etc..

do not come to Haiti to clean it up for us and give it electricity for us, nor build the roads it needs for us, etc..etc...We are the ones to do them. It is the government job to build these types of infrustractures in the country before we can say "Haiti is opened for business."

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