Mr StPreux. In all due respect to you; do you think this...

Gerard - November 16 2013, 6:43 PM

Mr StPreux.

In all due respect to you; do you think this " news " is fit to be published?

Why are we so incline to negativity?

If that was true, it would be a direct interference in the internal affairs of Haiti by the Dominicans.

It is a fact that they ( the Dominicans ) have always been interfering in the internal affairs of Haiti but in a more intelligent way...

besides if that is true shouldn't the haitian leaders of those street violence be prosecuted as agents of a foreign country which is an act of treason?

Not every rumors should be considered as headline news and circulated on the Net.
Shouldn't we be more responsible?

It is everyone right to be against President Martelly and therefore to openly oppose his government but shouldn't we use a style that at least express some personal self-respect as well as some patriotic consideration for Ayiti Thoma?

Personaly I don't want to have anything to do with those self-appointed leaders who already selling the country to the Dominicans.

What will they do if, God forbide, the Haitian people are stupid enough to follow them?

Things are not so pleasant as they are actually...

At any rate YOU shouldn't be supporting them even if you are against the actual regime...

there are more patriotic way to voice and implement your opposition which is a right that no one can deny you.
But please use your right wisely for the sake of Haiti and for your sake as well...

you know better than that.

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