Martelly usual irrational decisions aroun the full moon

Agent-x - August 31 2012, 5:16 AM

The most brilliant scientists around the world maintains that there is no correlation between the full moon and goofy human behaviors.

However, for some abstruse reasons, during the full moon around the planet earth, Police Departments, Hospital Emergency rooms, psychiatry Emergency rooms are usually more busy because of neurotic and senseless behaviors.

The wacko Italiano Michelino Martelli(y) invariably exhibits irrational behaviors and decisions around the full moon. On August 2012, we had a full moon on August 2nd and another full moon on August 31st 2012 that what explains that the wacko Italiano Michelino Martelli(y)committed two cardinal blunders during August 2012.
His next bigger blunders are scheduled on or around:
September 30th 2012
October 29th 2012
November 28th 2012
December 28th 2012

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