Michelle Benette is Sofia Italiana-Arrogante financial adviser...

Agent-x - August 29 2012, 9:36 PM

Michelle Benette is Sofia Italiana-Arrogante financial adviser in matter pertaining to money laundering offshore bank accounts and underworld connections.

Nicholas Duvalier, the daughter of Madame Max Aldolphe and Jean Claude Duvalier are advising Michielo Italiano-Wacko outdated repressive tactics and magouilles while the prostitute politicians aka politichiens aka prostitute political workers are advising Michielo italiano Wacko about devious derives.

The Michielo Italiano-Wacko crime family is committing suicide by spending generously the bank account deposit of the Haitian population according to Senator Moise Jean-Charles.

The Haitian people is about take a final Draconian exemplary disposition with Martelly crime family and its herd of known, unknown magouiller advisers and its degenerate prostitutes politicians.

Agent-X is exorting the Haitian people and the international community to investigate the Martelly crime family with respect to:
Structured investigative interviewing;fraud misconduct and ethics violations
Financial Instrument & Document Analysis
Transaction Pattern & Trend Analysis
Due Diligence Research and Analysis
Comprehensive Background Checks
Specialised Sanctions & Embargo Checks
International Financial Crime & Fraud Investigations
Identification of monetary loss
Asset identification and location Financial Tracking & Asset Recovery
Anti-money Laundering & Counter-terrorism Financing Activity
Litigation Support & Expert Witness Testimony/Evidence
Development of Prevention, Detection & Internal Security Policies, Measures & Procedures.

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What do you want to tell you? Okay! you ask for it...


Martelly 0123ABC crime family

No they are not the Holy Trinity. The people said they are the abominable Italian Trinity in Haiti: Father: Michelino...

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