July 2012 flower Carnival in Haiti:Many are dead and wounded,Martelly flee

Agent-x - August 2 2012, 2:40 AM

July 2012 flower Carnival in Haiti:Many are dead and wounded, Martelly flee
While Martelly has the audacity to describes the July 29thru31 2012 flower carnival as a success those fact below suggest otherwise:
July 2012 Carnival of flowers/carnaval des fleurs /Carnaval de las Flores in Haiti:Many are reported dead but cause of their death were changed under duress; hundreds are wounded as a result of fighting among revelers.

Police armed with steel batons beaten hundreds of revelers mostly for no reasons.

Police opened fire on several civilians with machine guns. Over hundred of polices were drunk at the carnival.

At least two police were shot. Martelly thugs set ablaze several houses.The blackout exacerbate the problem.

Roro Nelson disguised Martelly as a woman with a long wigs before rushing him to safety during the turbulence at the blackout.Both flee from the carnival podium.

Meanwhile, Martelly imposed a news blackout regarding the carnival disaster by distributing a substantial amount of cash and intimidation to the media.

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