King Henri Christophe ghost caused Martelly to fled from the Citadelle

Agent-x - July 19 2012, 4:26 PM

King Henri Christophe gave warning to Martelly not to sell the Citadelle Laferriere.

Apparition of King Henri Christophe was reported aound 12: noon on 19 July 2012 according to certain residents in Milot, Haiti causing Martelly to fled from the Citadelle which in turn caused the collision.

Many alleged eyewitnesses claimed the saw the apparition of a fiery and outraged King Henri Christophe ghost lashing thunderously at Michel Martelly not to negotiate the Citadelle LaFerriere with the Dominican Republic and other foreign nations.

Martelly has been experiencing intermittent tremulous and irregular heart beats after he saw the apparition of King Christophe.

His medical doctors are unable to diagnose his current condition because his tremulous and irregular heart beats ethiology are unknown.

Meanwhile, he made a desperate call to the Priest in Tabarre to protect him and his family from the wrath of King Henri Christophe displeasure.

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