Port-de Paix educational racket will be a big embarassement for Marttelly

Agent-x - July 5 2012, 7:47 PM

Over 50 Haitian racketeers have been arrested in Port-de-Paix now Port-au-Scandals in connection to phantom schools, school morts, check morts.

Rumors have it that several thousands of Lutins** are attending those phantoms schools while their bogus Directors and educators are laughing all the way to the banks with the loot of the national treasury accompanied by their numerous mistresses.

If Haiti is serious about corruption, the names, pictures and other pertinent information about those criminals should be published in many sites on the internet.

**for those uncultured Haitians who cannot read the fine print of the Haitian culture without the Haitian cultural glasses or a translator, consult the link below for the definition of lutin.


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