The only problem i have with this whole dual citizenship thing...

Rza - June 21 2012, 9:19 AM

The only problem i have with this whole dual citizenship thing is that how can we moved forward if the Haitians living abroad can't run for these positions
1 - President of the Republic of Haiti
2 - Prime Minister of Haiti
3 - Senator of the Republic
4 - Depute of the Republic of Haiti (members of the lower house of Parliament) here in the United States anyone who is a U.S citizen and held their U.S citizenship for 7yrs or 9yrs can run for office.

So now you need to tell me Haiti is limiting its own people to hold any one of these listing positions.

Now i can understand Prime minister and President because you gave up your citizenship of your country.

What are the Haitians government is afraid off that somebody who lived abroad might actually care about Haiti and make some changes.

Without the diaspora currency Haiti will be tomorrow is news.
I am proud to be Haitian love my people, but we need to stop taking one step forward and 10 steps back.

One Love

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