Let me tell you one thing they explorer change the name of the...

Allv - June 19 2012, 1:41 AM

let me tell you one thing they explorer change the name of the areas so the haitian people will not know exactly what part of the country they are talking about.

I, m from the area where those miners are exploring now. the Zone call pilette around trou du nord and grand-bassin.

I'm originally from Grand-bassin a ruraL community.

they did the same thing around 1975 where they were explored dehivre.

This time with the 21st century I will see if the government of haiti will not use some of the money for us as the least in haiti to built at least some good houses, hospitals as well as some good school.

The call the area grand bois instead of saying Grand-Bassin.

I belive if they said Grand_bassin everybody will know what part they are talking about but by saying grand bois nobody will be able to identify what place is that.


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