Two Haitians have been sentenced to 15 years in prison for abusing children

Agent-x - June 7 2012, 4:49 AM

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According to almomento-com on 06 June 2012,
They condemned to 15 years Haitian they exploited and beat children

SANTO DOMINGO.-Two Haitian beaten and exploited 12 children children workers of the same nationality, aged between eight and 14 years, were sentenced to 15 years prison.

Those convicted are Willi Yan and Coldonie foot, who were tried for trafficking, labor exploitation and physical abuse to the detriment of juveniles, whose names are omitted for reasons of law.

As recorded in the file submitted by the public prosecutor's Office, four children were rescued from streets by two people that led to passage of the National Council for children a home.

Children complained that Yan and foot pounded them and kept them crowded in a house located in the Alcarrizos.

12 Minors, as evidenced by the Prosecutor's Office of the province of Santo Domingo, were brought from Haiti and forced to ask in the Dominican streets.

The trial found that defendants you removed money to children and should not bring, punished them with scourge, stopped feeding them and dependent them verbal and psicol

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