Jean Pierre Alexandre Says: I never made a mistakes yet in my judgement.

Agent-x - June 2 2012, 2:13 PM

Jean Pierre Alexandre Says: "I never made a mistakes yet in my judgements."

To this Agent-X reply, It is after your defection from Martelly camp to the Lavalass camp that cause you to made fewer mistakes.

Stay with the family and you will become a better man.

By the way, you inadvertently left your glasses and your telephone phone addresses book under the table at Aristide kitchen last night after the meeting.

We instructed Miralia Leyes Dieusibon to bring your glasses and telephone book to your house this evening.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,i don't wear glasses:). I only wear safety glasses to do my job when i am working only.I don't remember the last time i saw a telephone... more »

Agent-x says...

Ms.Miralia Leyes Dieusibon has made an attempt to deliver your pair of glasses and your phone book but apparently you were not home. We will have... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

You know damn well kalanmbwe Roro Nelson is bad news,you better don't send him to my house. Just the way i killed deer on hunting i will bring him... more »

Agent-x says...

Roro Nelson must register his hands as a dangerous weapon with the INTERPOL. BTW while I am talking about police,Laurent lamothe introduced a new... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

I see,very interesting. We need to found out if his is not connected as well to the Colombian cartels and other illegal activities. more »