Jean Pierre Alexandre, it is not without reason that Roro...

Agent-x - June 4 2012, 11:59 AM

Jean Pierre Alexandre, it is not without reason that Roro Nelson and /or Uncle Rice and Beans-UR&B put you on this blog as an agent provocateur because you have a criminal mind with a morbid and pathological fixation for shooting, stabbing and poison people which is reminiscing of Francois Duvalier era during 1957-1970.

Francois Duvalier poisoned General Antonio Thrasybule Kebreau in 1963;he had his macoutes VSN decapited, dismembered and shot several thousand Haitians during that period.

It appears that you have a nostalgia and fixation for Francois Duvalier criminal mind.

Why you want to poison a human being?

This is frightening.You need a lobotomy asap.

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