Flash an apparently "Dead man"wakeup during his funeral

Agent-x - May 24 2012, 11:49 AM

Delmas, Haiti 24 My 2012 according to combined dispatches from Port-au-Prince[Port-au-Thieves],Haiti.

Mr. Jean Wilbert Elma wake up during his funeral at Baptiste Ebenezer church in Delmas, Haiti this morning May 24th,2012
Jean Wilbert Elma over 50 y/o, apparently died on May 15th 2012.
Details are sketchy at best and appears to be convoluted at this moment.

Some people claims that some morgue workers in Haiti usually kill people at the morgue that turns out to be still alive.

Michel Martelly and his crew rushed to the scene.

Judicial and police actions are in motion.

Five morgue employees so far were arrested this morning in connection to this incident.

Nothing is being said about the doctor that pronounced him dead.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,that doctor need be known. I will not even let him consult my animals that i have in the bush in the cul- de- sac area. more »

Agent-x says...

Well if the doctor has monies on stash and most likely willing to pay a bribe to save his neck, he or she will find plenty of corrupted Haitian... more »

Claudette says...

If that happened in Haiti, I am not surprised. Nobody is responsible for anything in Haiti. It is about time they held people responsible for their... more »