Bernadette, China will cook itself on his own fat, the United...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 23 2012, 8:35 AM

Bernadette, China will cook itself on his own fat, the United States have a close eyes on the Tibetans problems for too long, people are recently organizing themselves patiently like you said.
Just like week, China own now the biggest cinema firm in the US and ask to get all USA debt, now things are cooking for China.

But, wait when ShITT get to the spinning fan in the ceiling.

I believe Haiti should be open to the world with caution and for sure to the future;
In the back gound talks.Dominican/Haiti will eventually emerge as a group;I don't know how they will do that?

South American countries are on the process too.

Whatever the system they would apply, will be always problems.


Should Haiti give Second Citizenship to other Nations too?

... In the United States, the government recently averted certain economic meltdown

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