You're right. Osama certainly does his umstot to promote jihad...

Virginia - May 22 2012, 12:39 PM

You're right.

Osama certainly does his umstot to promote jihad as Muslim Americans preach that theirs is a "religion of peace".

Why don't they speak out against jihad, why don't they help Haiti, why don't they donate a portion of their vast sums of tax-free money for better airport screening equipment?

And if our government is so hell-bent on confiscating tax dollars, why are they still allowing immigrants to operate each NEW business they open, tax-free for a period of FIVE YEARS?

I'd love that treatment, wouldn't you?

That's why there are so many motels, gas-station's and other businesses owned by people from the middle east. They buy a business, profit from it tax-free for 5 years, sell it to Uncle Ahmed and buy cousin Jalal's business that he's owned for 5 years, and on and on it goes into infinity.

Meanwhile, we pay stiff penalties if we don't pay our high taxes on time, our $$ is confiscated to give to countries like the Socialist Hatian Hole, we outgive everyone on the planet as most other countries give a mere pittance.

Nice. I'm so worried about what the rest of the world thinks of us, aren't you?

You gotta give Osama credit though, he's a brilliant man. No better way to make American leaders bow their head in shame than to say we are enemies of the planet! An apologist like Obama MUST pass Cap and Trade now!

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