They made a mistake, Manolia Charlotin in Haitian

Monel - May 15 2012, 1:25 AM

They made a mistake, Manolia Charlotin in Haitian doesn't know what she talking about, where he got that name Paul Altidor as new ambassador to USA.
According to Rose et Mr Joseph Lambert special # 1 adviser of president Martelly has already appointed Mr STANLEY LUCAS as USA ambassador.

Please Mr Lambert talk to Martelly again, because Stanley Lucas can be a better ambassador that Mr Altidor, because Stanley Lucas is a specialist in propaganda, he can sell Haiti image abroad.

Stanley don't cry Mr Lambert gonna do something for you.don't worry, even thaugh you were accused him like Drugs dea'ler, he is not gonna say anything wrong against you to Martelly.

Because Drugs Dea'ler never hate another Drugs dea'ler.


With a New Ambassador at the Helm, Haiti

According to Haitian Times-com on 11 May 2012 by Manolia Charlotin, Just two days after the White House ceremony that...

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