Alexandre, Your serial homicidal ideations have been a cause...

Agent-x - May 12 2012, 3:26 PM

Alexandre, Your serial homicidal ideations have been a cause of alarm and crisis to the bloggers on belpolitik.

I will instruct Dr. Feel Bad to do a thorough psychiatric examination to you to find the etiology or the roots of your compulsive homicidal tendencies.

If Dr, Feel Bad psychiatric evaluation reveals that your antisocial tendencies are dangerous enough to make you unfit to be around living creatures, you would need to be placed side by side near Jean Claude Duvalier in a 20X20 steel cage.

Agent-X does not let a crisis go to waste.

We will be converting your homicidal crisis into a cash flow that will be beneficial to society as follow:
Since your presence in a steel cage on a basis of pay per view will attract tourists, onlookers,criminologists researchers etc that will generate income to help the students at Jean Bertrand Aristide University.

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