Agent-x, stop screaming like a whore of Babylon. Why you think...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 12 2012, 3:06 PM

Agent-x, stop screaming like a whore of Babylon.

Why you think Haiti never stable?

Why you think every news reports about Haiti is degrading?

Who owns the news networks?

Who keeps Haiti under his own shadows?

Who kill Tupac?

Who kill Micheal Jackson?

Who's there to tracks the descendants of prominent sons and daughters of great activists?

Who come with LaGonave projects minutes after the earthquakes?

Who's own the music industry?

Who overthrow Aristide?

Who are the masters of USA?

What's you want to do about it?

The people in that area should gather together just like the Nigerians did and ask for their share of the gold sign on paper before the digging starts, because the land is theirs.

I am sure the gold is under the people properties on that region as you all know Haitian government do not owns that much land anymore?

Preval did a lot of monkey business in Haiti before he left the office, i believe the people should track his family down until they are all under six feet of soil.


Gold! Haiti eyes potential $20 billion bonanza Companies drilling

knock,knock,knock,Anmwe,Anmwe,all sleeping head,comatose patients wake up! Do you remember that during the month of...

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