Jean Pierre, Barack Obama and I were through almost a year ago...

Bernadette - May 8 2012, 8:33 PM

Jean Pierre, Barack Obama and I were through almost a year ago when he announced the murder of Ousama Bin Laden.

A murder does justify another murder, besides he enjoys telling the world about it too much and that was a turn off. Before you say another word, yes I do understand that the murder was politically staged and at the right moment...He thinks that will give him more votes...Mrin pral chita sou ti chez bam poum tan.
Obama on his own cannot go to war with any country.

He has to ask congress and he needs 1/3 of their vote. Although Reagan and both Bush senior and junior did not wait for their vote and went to basically an illegal war with Afghanistan, go figure...

Cold wars between governments?


we are united at least financially now more than ever. Russia and US are trying their best to be courteous to each other, thus ended the cold war. There is no overt war going on now. Both Russia and China have this fierce military bond together.

China, so far is not a super power, But US and Russia are both considered super powers.

It stands to reason why they don't like each other.

Moun sa yo se deux toros.

Plis youn rete loin de lot, mieux que sa vaut.

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Benardette says:The Russians then and US were not...


The powerlessness of social engineering

Undoubtedly the world is changing and uncertainty about truly what is about to happen makes a lot of us run amok...

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