Agent X: Stanley Lucas was wonderful on radio Caraibes see...

Carlo Cesar - May 7 2012, 5:11 PM

Agent X:

Stanley Lucas was wonderful on radio Caraibes see: The journalists were taken by surprise.

Stanley Lucas's coherence, command of the issues and precise statistics on every single issue disarmed both journalists.

On the economy Stanley Lucas talked about our country's economic growth under Michel Martelly's leadership from 2.5% last year to a projected 7.8% this year, 2012. Lucas raised the issue of education and progress made by the Martelly administration.

Lucas stated that last year under Preval 650.000 Haitian kids did not go to school and the education budget was around 7%.

This year he added that Martelly's education initiative brought 1.075.000 kids to school with the participation of 10558 schools.

95% of the schools involved in the program are private school and 5% public schools.

The program used a voucher system.

Lucas talked about Martelly's new national security strategy, the professionalization of the police and the construction of a professional army and other hot political issues of Haiti.

The interview was fun and refreshing.

Lucas prevented the journalist to get into the usual rant that one listen 24/7 against Martelly on radio Caraibes.

I think they should invite Stanley Lucas again.

That interview reminded me the CNN show Crossfire.

That was good. I think Stanley Lucas won the first round.

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