Jean Pierre, The mechanism of social engineering is...

Bernadette - May 6 2012, 8:47 PM

Jean Pierre, The mechanism of social engineering is government, especially at wartime when more inventions are made by necessity.

The drivers are the physicists, well trained people in hard sciences like chemistry, physics, biology etc.,
The passengers are the general public at large who can contribute financially or by propaganda and brainwashing.

Any society needs a mechanism to go by. This is another way of saying a structural body of knowledge geared towards an issue or issues.

Time by itself is a passive state.

What we do with it makes it quantifiable.

Social engineering in the context that we were talking about is aspects of our lives, our environment, or ourselves that we have changed or will change by manipulating our planet or ourselves.

Certain segment of people object to it mainly for political and religious bias. Political because the issue may not benefit them or religion because they are of conservative beliefs that a Divine Creator should change things, not humans.

Humankind never want to be at the mercy of nature.

Humankind always want to be in control of the environment and refuse to accept faith as the sole reason to explain destiny.

Yes, you are right seven (7) billion people can't be in
harmony; Controversies and conflict bound to happen.

What matters, though, is the bulk, the average of a population to agree on a common cause let us say between 51% and on, reaching 100% is a peculiarity like for example the Haitian Revolution in 1804 that everybody agreed that was a common cause.51%to 100% denote the popularity of the unpopularity of the cause.

To agree to a common cause people must feel a sense of belonging, they must feel the issue directly affected them, there is financial, social incentives in doing so.
Jean Pierre, PACMAN and other electronic games were just another way of giving power to the people just like "Superman" was giving emotional strength to Young America.

No change can happen UNLESS the people want it. True, they can be manipulated or brainwashed or even worse coerced to accept some changes, but rest assured that mistake will be corrected retroactively.

For that to happen, a society needs an educated population.

Unfortunately an uneducated population is at the mercy of their government and their elite...

Education is a MUST in order to change a system.

Countries like the US keep their college educated people at no more than 20%.

Europe has a higher percentage and is in direct correlation with social discontent.

A country does not need to have 20% of highly educated people to function properly.

A good 50% at High school level would do a world of good for a country like Haiti.

I have great respect for anybody who is doing whatever he or she can to educate the public.

This mechanism started ever since humankind learned to walk straight and have discovered the way to ignite fire. Their first tool of war was rocks.

Our last war tools might be nuclear weapons and chemical warfare.

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