Elizabeth, wou fwe'm sousa, map'tan fo kock'la. Mwen ta...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 4 2012, 12:09 PM

Elizabeth, wou fwe'm sousa, map'tan fo kock'la.
Mwen ta swete'e wou kinbe'e promes'ou!
Makes sure it's over 12 inches long, now you are my girl.
Don't bring your husband, paske li pap kapa'b fwe bon travay, se sou do selman ke li kab konyen, unless you want me to teach him different positions.

I will teach you the proper way, unlike your hubby, you will have a long smile in your face just like that :).

I want to get ready for you ASAP, futher more;Can you tell me?

Do you have a long clito, or none like my mother?

Warning, do not fall in love with me. Because i love my wife.

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