Elizabeth: Our president, Michel Martelly most probably is on...

Ti Coq - May 3 2012, 10:17 PM

Our president, Michel Martelly most probably is on a medication called warfarin (coumadin a rat poison).

This is a common blood thinner (anticoagulation ) used for pulmonary embolism ( blood clots ).

Our president should avoid vit. K rich foods such as green leafs, broccoli, gombo, spinach, collard turnip greens, lettuce, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage.

The risk is that Vit K may reverse the medication anticoagulation effect and put him at risk for another embolic crisis.

If not Coumadin, alternative will be pradaxa, newest blood thinner approved by the FDA Pradaxa more often is used when cardiac arrhythmia is associated.

By all deduction our leader is not on pradaxa.

Elizabeth, let

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Mr ti Coq,I will agree with you that cunt'bitch is...

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