Agent-x Don't being a liar, because you know those craps...

Monel - May 3 2012, 9:42 PM

Agent-x Don't being a liar, because you know those craps paliarmentaries can do everything wrong for money.

I don't think anything gonna be changed in Laurent Lamothe's case. those vendors can sell the homeland even their awarenesses for"po patat" not even "patat ti savyen".

Neg sa yo ap bay madan yo pitit yo pou lajan.I"m not expect anything from them.they already did that for Garry Connille.

Ce sont des voleurs, des assassins et vendeurs de drugs qui ont prisent le pays en otage.

Je ne suis pas entrain de combattre Martelly seulement, il faudra nous mettre ensemble pour combattre tous, ni les parlementaires qui assassinent nos policiers, ni les gens qui veulent nous exclus dans les affaires politiques de notre pays.
Mwen se yon militan konsekan mwen pap bay asasen, kraked,drog dile' sa yo legen, map konbat ptit a la mame'l.


3 May 2012 0920 P.M. Ambulance are on standby to carry away Lamorthe

Haitian parliament is on extraordinary session at this moment. 3 May 2012 0920 P.M. Despite of macoute load of money...

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Monel,if a certificate of residency of 5 years was...

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