Jean Pierre Alexandre, you should have been celebrating worker...

Agent-x - May 1 2012, 9:07 PM

jean Pierre Alexandre, you should have been celebrating worker Day today.

I was in the streets since noon. I just come home extra tired.

I read your question pertaining to astronomy.

You asked me, "Can a planet act like a comet or a dwarf star?"

I will do the research for you and send you the pertinent links.

To the best of my ability for this moment, this is the short answer: Planet, comet and star are composed of different state of matter and are behaving differently under Newtonian laws:

1-Comets are composed of gas, dirt,ice and rocky materials and are very small objects +/- 7 miles diameters and orbiting around the sun +/- in an elliptical fashion.

2-Planet are much larger than comet.

Mercury, the smallest planet in our solar system is about 3,000 miles in diameter.

planet orbiting +/- in circle fashion around the sun and maintains a constant distance.

Planet do not generate light but reflect light from the sun. Planet are composed of rocks, metal,carbon and other materials.

3-Stars are are composed mostly with helium and hydrogen powered by thermonuclear fusion in their cores.

Elements heavier than helium are created by stars.

The stars are massive luminous sphere of plasma held together by their own gravity.

The size of stars varies but they are several times bigger than planets.

the smallest stars are from 124,274 miles in diameter.

Our sun has a diameter of 864,938 miles.

Bigger sun such as the monster VY Canis Majoris which is thought to be 1,800 times the size of our Sun.

Tomorrow I will send you some links.

Meanwhile, if you need some clarification on the subject let me know.

Last but not the least: Mind your spelling: [draft star]: correct spelling is dwarf.

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Agent-x,i need seriously your input. Can a planet...


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