President Martelly do not give up, because you have a mission...

Sergo Jean - April 28 2012, 9:00 PM

President Martelly do not give up, because you have a mission for Haiti.

I do believe tribulations and death is a part of our life on earth but remember God will be with you always if you try to do your best. I hope after this experience you will review your life and keep all God commandments and keep doing all the good things all times, God will protect you from the bad or evil things.

Be yourself president, put the justice of the Lord in front of you and always thinks the good things for the haitian people.

I do believe you will fully protect by God and no men will have power to do anythings at you to destroy your physical body for any reason.Only Believe and you will feel the power of God in your life and you will see how the Lord Jesus Christ will protect and guide you for the goods of the Haitian.

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