Monel, many haitians and international observer know this...

Agent-x - April 27 2012, 2:56 PM

Monel, many haitians and international observer know this Stanley Lucas work at the pleasure of the repressive and undemocratic forces.

He clearly demonstrated uring the interview that he is a compulsive liar, predator of the press and democratic principles and invariably siding with the gran don or the bourgeoisy class.

This man is among the most dangerous"Haitian" working on this planet.

Go directly to the link below to read articles about him and his relatives:

In Haiti there's two sectors of Haitian society that are the traditional obstructionists to progressive change.

Number one, that's the industrial sector of the mulatto elite who run the sweatshops and lead the civil society wing of Aristide's opposition.

And two, there's the military, which guarantees the conditions by which the elite can operate their sweatshops.

Aristide disbanded the military in 1995, so, you know, the military hates him. Stanley Lucas is a bridge between these two sectors.

He was schooled in Haiti's finest schools with members of the mulatto elite.

At the same time, he comes from a wealthy land owning family close to the Duvalier regime, which ruled Haiti with an iron fist for decades.

His family is close to the military.

Two of Stanley Lucas's cousins massacred -- organized a massacre of 250 peasants, in 1987, who were protesting for land reform after the Duvalier regime crumbled.

The massacre -- it was a terrible massacre documented by Amnesty International and described to me by someone who witnessed it firsthand.

You would think that someone from this background wouldn't be able to get a position at a group like the International Republican Institute that promotes democracy.

However, Stanley Lucas is a valuable asset to them.
Read the full article by clicking the link below:

Stanley Lucas: One of the brains behind the terror plot in the Martelly camp.

It is after this, having lost their chief death-gang terrorist/mercenary, Labany

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