Jean Pierre Alexandre debriefing ended at 11:20 on April 23rd 2012

Agent-x - April 23 2012, 1:27 PM

On April 23rd 2012,Jean Pierre Alexandre kept his his scheduled appointment with Agency-X-1804.

Our staff debriefed him regarding his past involvement with the Martelly administration and the "milice rose."
We were able to scoop and gather a wealth of information from him regarding the derives in the Martelly administration.

The debriefing started at 09:00 hour and ended at 11:20 AM under the watchful presence of our security personnel and the Iranian surgeon, Dr. Akbar that was on standby to amputate Mr. Alexandre lower organ if Mr. Alexander would have made a foolish attempt to assault our staff.

However, our worst fear did not materialized.

It is important to remind our readers that Mr. Alexandre has been experiencing gender confusion because of his overexposure with the imperialists.

Dr. Feel Bad will send Mr. Alexandre to Colombia then to Dominican Republic for specialized behavior modification and treatment before he will be allowed to work with us under strict supervision.

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