Agent-X promoted Jean Pierre Alexandre

Agent-x - April 21 2012, 6:35 AM

Agent-X, the CEO of Agency-X-1804,just promoted Jean Pierre Alexandre to the rank of Semi-Intelligent officer from not so intelligent officer.

Since Mr. Alexandre spectacular defection from Martelly campon March 2012, he has been working diligently to bring good information relevant to Martelly cascade of worsening scandals.

When the force of events become detrimental to existence of men, women and a nation, not so intelligent, semi intelligent and intelligent people take mid course correction for their safety and the safety of their community or nation.

This is what Mr. Alexandre did. The dumb are unable to change and are usually swept by the furors of events.

If Mr. Alexandre show consistency and improvement in reporting significant information regarding the Martelly crime family, Agency-X-1804 will promote Mr. Alexander to Intelligent Officer Level I-D.

Agency-X is cognizant that three other bloggers that were active on Preval blog, Belpolitik and Martelly blog have defected by omission prior to Mr. Alexandre defection.

Agency-X-1804 is assessing their case to determine whether they are or still on Bautista payroll, Martelly payroll or both. They may be too ashamed of their past political behaviors or misguided position to step forward to join rank with the progressives Haitians for the liberation of Haiti.

Haitian Men and women don't let your false consciousness, your misguided political pride become an obstacle in liberating Haiti from the yoke of the imperialist.

Become a part of the solution rather than the mushrooming problem.

Respectfully submitted

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