Martelly is a political prisoner in Florida under the guise of illiness

Agent-x - April 18 2012, 8:12 AM

Martelly is on standby in Florida as a political prisoner under the guise of being sick. He will not return to Haiti soon if the political tornado continue in Port-au-Prince.

Only close friends and relatives are allowed to visit him.
Haitian conspiracy against accused
Martelly denies allegations

The excoronel Pedro Julio Goico Guerrero, alias "Pepe Goico" is involved in the case

Port au Prince.

EFE. Lawyers for a Haitian citizen accused of involvement in a plot to destabilize Haiti's president, Michel Martelly, yesterday rejected accusations that they say, are intended to divert attention from an alleged case of corruption in the Haitian president.

Frizto Canton and Camille Leblanc, Pierre defending the Haitian Kanzki, said they "never was no conspiracy" against Martelly, against what they claimed Haitian and Dominican governments in the complaint they made last Thursday.

Members of the Executives of both nations said that day that Pedro Julio Goico excoronel Guerrero, alias "Pepe Goico" Kanzki have asked to undertake a campaign of corruption allegations against Martelly as part of a destabilization plan.

"Pepe Goico" was one of the top aides of former President Hipolito Mejia military during his tenure from 2000 to 2004, and after his retirement, he has also seen near the exgobernante, current presidential candidate for the opposition Dominican Revolutionary Party ( PRD).

Mejia is one of the two favorite candidates for power in elections next May 20, next to the candidate of the ruling Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) Danilo Medina.

To counsel Fritzo Canton, is a way to divert attention from the Dominican people and the Haitian case of corruption revealed by the Dominican journalist Nuria Piera, who says that Martelly received from government senator Felix Bautista $ 2.5 million before and after his election as president, which denied the Haitian presidency.

Canton also indicated that the judicial authorities ordered the arrest of Kanzki to reverse the election in the Dominican Republic, where the LDP would face difficulties in the presidential elections of May 20. The lawyers said they have sent a correspondence to the prosecutor of Port-au-Prince, Jean Renel C

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