Hey, Martelly's defector # 1, I know that you are a confused...

Agent-x - April 17 2012, 7:15 PM

Hey, Martelly's defector # 1, I know that you are a confused fellow but do not confuse me again with another new blogger.

A few bloggers and I need to debrief you regarding your experiences with Martelly bag of tricks.

You are scheduled to come to our office Monday April 23rd at 09:00 A.M.

We will focus on Martelly bag of tricks and why you waited for so long before you defected from Martelly camp.

Your homo erectus experiences will not be tolerated during your debriefing session with us.
We have an Iranian surgeon who just arrived from Iran that will be present during your debriefing with the duty to amputate your lower external organ in case you will try to display it.

Response to:

I have to admit,you sounded just like my girfriend...


Martelly is takind advantage of black Tuesday in Colombia

Now there is less aggressive demand in Colombia for prostitutes because the gringos went home meaning less cash is...

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