Haiti - FLASH : President Martelly in Miami for health reasons

Jean Pierre Alexandre - April 17 2012, 7:10 AM

According to Radio VERITE(a Christian radio).

This was not Martelly they rush in Miami for drug overdose

34;It's this COccsuker Jean Pierre Alexandre"

Haiti - FLASH: President Martelly in Miami for health reasons
17/04/2012 07:01:22

On the recommendation of his doctor, the President Michel Martelly, returned Monday, April 16 in Miami, for medical follow-up, due to postoperative complications.

Remember that Thursday, April 5, the Chief of State had undergone successful an arthroscopic surgery at the level of the right shoulder.

The President had canceled last week, on the recommendation of his doctors, his visit to Colombia where he was to attend the 6th Summit of the Americas on April 14-15, 2012. His doctors have found that despite his good form, it would be more prudent for the President to continue his physical therapy and take a few extra days for a safe and complete recovery.

No further details could be obtained so far on his health condition.

We should not be unnecessarily alarmist and remain confident and positive about the health of our President pending more information.

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