Stop lamenting about Martelly blog censorship. Agent-X predicted it.

Agent-x - April 11 2012, 6:33 AM

One's never miss the water till the well runs dry.

Now you should make a comparative analysis between Preval blog and Martelly blog with respect to the freedom of speech.

Do a similar comparison for freedom of the press between Aristide regime and his predecessors all the way back to Paul Eugene Magloire regime.

If you are an objective analyst with a modicum of intellectual probity, your finding will indicates that Aristide's regime and Preval's regime represented the zenith and the paragon of free speech and democracy in Haiti even-though they were at an embryonic stage of development if you consider the long story of intolerance in Haiti.

Martelly di Degenerate [since we don't know his real name or ID yet]Used to curse disrespect Aristide in public and get away with it.

We have at least for bloggers who are in the quite side now who used to disrespect Preval on a daily basis on Preval blog.Rene Preval did not change the format of the blog to screen, and delete bloggers' opinions that criticized his government.

Those bloggers were the first one who tried to Attack Agent-X directly and indirectly in anticipation to find position in the di degenerate administration and to show their blind allegiance to the pro macoute, pro dictator, pro predator of the press and free speech, pro mulatocracy, pro kleptocracy and bribeocracy fellow which is Martelly di Degenerate sparrow wacko the unstable and liar.

Now the di degenerate is unveiling without shame and compromise the specter of his Duvalierist evil era and to destroy free speech and democracy in Haiti.

He has a battery of lawyers that are trying to muffled critics and dissents.

He has squad of well trained assassins to carry extrajudicial killing in Haiti and overseas.

Anyone who support the Duvalier regime directly, indirectly fro far, in between, near or close is inherently evil and is a potential war criminal and enemy of liberty and free speech.

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