Agent-X will verify this headline for accuracy. I was among...

Agent-x - April 10 2012, 12:14 PM

Agent-X will verify this headline for accuracy.

I was among the first group of people that noticed Martelly blog has been a fertile ground to a wide range of sycophants, flatters,tiouls.

Back in 2011 I was subject to denial of service (DoS)twice by Martelly website.

I did my homework regarding how to bypass their DoS.The result has been positively astounding.

Anyone with a basic intelligence that could follow instruction on how to prepare a cup of coffe or on how to fry two eggs will be able to follow my instruction on how to use fool-proof countermeasures to keep the Martelly blog "webslaves/web-sycophants" at bay.


Michelle Martelly Blog Is Not A Blog Anymore

Michelle Martelly Blog is for browny noze only or retards. If you dare say anything that not fits the Martelly's shoes...

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