Agent-X does not bribe or buy people. People follow Agent-X good examples

Agent-x - April 5 2012, 8:15 AM

Agent-X is not negotiable and cannot be bought directly nor indirectly for any amount of wealth that exist in the known universe.

Agent-X has no history of bribing people nor coaxing them with emotional appeal to change their position on any issue.

Agent-X leads by example and rational thinking which is a sure way to eventually lead most homo-sapiens to reason.

Agent-X is experiencing from his hospital bed a subliminal satisfaction to see that Jean Pierre Alexandre is trying to emulate Agent-X's examples with respect to research, news gathering and dissemination of information on this blog. However, Jean Pierre Alexandre insistence on using coarse, indecent or vulgar languages on his writings continue to bewildering Agent-X as well as most of other Belpolitik bloggers.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.Nowadays, Jean Pierre Alexandre is using his mind progressively objective by fulfilling his avowed dream.

And, to quote Eleanor Roosevelt:

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Agent-x says...

Correction on the third line: replace [is] by are Since Jean Pierre Alexandre dream wish has been to emulate and become like Agent-X when he will... more »