OK OK my people how smart are we or how much Bull do we want...

J Wag - March 30 2012, 10:31 AM

OK OK my people how smart are we or how much Bull do we want to take or put out. Yes our people is always looking for a cuase to fight for. But this is a bad cause to fight for. If the US siad that he is not a US Citizen what else do you want. Thousands of Haitians live in the US and are not US Citizens.

Come on my people lets wake up and smell the roses of good times to come for Haiti.

Lets not mess up a good thing with Stupidity and Conspiricy theory thinking about nonsense like this. Lets pull together for poverty and housing for the homeless if we want to fight for something but not this nonsense.

I see why Haiti had flurished under dictatorship, we as Haitians do not want to be a better country we act like we want our country to fail because we are failing ourself.

So my people I beg you all to stop tripping on the Minor and lets focus on the Major of whats good for our Country and our future and our kids future.

Lets make it happen

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