Martelly S. Supporter, I understand your feelings to stand...

Bernadette - March 29 2012, 8:52 PM

Martelly S. Supporter, I understand your feelings to stand behind what you think is right.

I am doing just the same as you do. Like I said, I don't know where you get your sources from perhaps you should double check where you got your information from. You said that you have been in Haiti for 14 years, where were you before then?

Rest assured that I am not attacking you. I just want to get a clear picture of where you are coming from. You said you have been everywhere and Haiti sort of stuck with you. I don't know anyone that I have met who said the contrary to what you said. Haiti is mesmerizing even for us who were born there.

However, Haiti is like any other country, Haitians are just trying to get a descent living and some peace of mind like any other country.

I have been everywhere too, around the world and came with one conclusion:People fight for the basics; Food, shelter, education, self reproduction and some form of a Higher Being that will bring them up or down to after life. The way we go about it may differ, and this is the ONLY difference.

Everybody claims that his or her way is the best from any country...

I have fond memories of Gressier, June 24th, St. Jean-Baptiste celebration as a child and is one of my best memories of Haiti.

Like I said, I have checked with people living there for generations and who have never left Gressier not even for Port-au-Prince don't know what I was telling them. That is a consideration, don't you think?

You said that the Elders were fine but modernization is in. I will not disagree with you; But tell me what is different now as opposed to 100 years ago in Gressier-Leogane that requires a slick city lawyer with cutting edge skills in law?

I can understand you might make a plea for mass murders, kidnapping, money laundering and drug trafficking, What else is new under the sky?

Tell me where Gressier and Leogane have the capacity, legal savoir faire and resources to incarcerate individuals for 25 years to life?

The next possible solution, I can hear from you is the death penalty.


are you serious?

You have heard I am sure all allegations and hearsays people just grab for facts.

"Beyond a reasonable doubt" does not exist in Haiti yet. You might kill innocent people in the process.

Would you mind something as severe as this on your conscience?

This is what it boils down to. Think carefully about it before you act.
I don't know Franklin Montinat ni en peinte ni en pentu.

I have not even seen a picture of him either.

All I know is that he is being accused and the REAL LOCALS don't know much about him.
Good luck and good hunting.

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Bernadette, I'm standing fermly behind my reports. If...


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